A Review on Netbuilder Site

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Netbuilder (M) Sdn Bhd is officially established in 1999, a rare Internet services provider who overlooks the Technology Bubble untill the current pragmatic practice of E-commerce development.

They offer services such as:

  • Online Payment – Malaysian’s companies are facing difficulties in receiving online payment because Malaysia has been blacklisted by several international major online payment providers. NetBuilder is dedicated to provide solution on receiving online payment for business. The services can be further categorized into two – local financial instituitions and international online payment provider (such as PayPal, WorldPay).
  • Website Development – They help to design website for various purposes for their clients. There are 3 type of packages offered: Weblite Package (for corporate or personal website); ECwebsite Package (for display or sell products online); and Portalwebsite Package (for online community and content-rich website).
  • Online Marketing – Netbuilder know-how on variety of the online marketing channels which can be applied in different industry and budget.

Besides that, Netbuilder also offers products like:

Some of the recent projects by Netbuilder are Mobile Money, Nesh, IPS Corporate Advisory and many more. For more details, you can check out at their homepage, www.netbuilder.com.my or interested to read about their newsletter, click here.

No doubt, E-Commerce is playing a huge impact in the changing technology environment. Netbuilder is definitely just one of the many other sites that made it right through the market because of E-commerce advancement. Overall, Netbuilder is giving good sight to their clients on the usage of the Internet to do business.


Corporate Blogging: A New Marketing Communication Tool For Companies

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Today, corporate blogging is widely used and published by an organization to achieve its organizational goals through internal, external and CEO Blogs. Thus, all current browsers which include Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7 enable readers to read the recent posts easily without truly visit the blog through supporter of RSS technology. According to research of NewPR Wiki, there was 58 (11.6%) of the Fortune 500 were blogging as of 17/5/2008. One of the successful blogs is Amazon Web Services Blog by Amazon.com that about Amazon web services, products, tools and developer information. It helps to improve the communication and its customer services, attract more people to consume and discuss new products online.

Corporate blogging provides a clear mind map or editorial guidelines of overall marketing or communication strategy to its employees and third parties with organization communication plan and media mix. Besides that, it encourages employee participation in contribution of expertise, free discussion of issues or topics and deal with it, collective intelligence, be a direct communication between various layers of an organization and shares their views with others employees, teams or spokespersons publicly. Furthermore, it can be used to announce new products and services, explain and clarify policies of the company and to react on public criticism on certain issues. Business blog can interact with a target market on a personal level by building a level of credibility and asking for their feedback on products and services.

One of the pros of corporate blogging is posts and comments are easy to reach and follow by employees due to centralized hosting and generally structured conversation threads. Besides that, it can be more accessible among the executives since the corporate blogging are an “unparalleled information gathering mechanism”. Furthermore, a search able archive of thoughts and ideas can be created and jotting down within an hour through corporate blogging that cost more cheaper than other ways. Lastly, executives can receive the important information from employees and customers’ questions and feedback that will be permanently recorded on the blog and increases the efficiency while decreases the time wasted on needless e-mails.

However, corporate blogging might make it easy for defamation and invasion of privacy or to breach information security and loss of company confidentiality. (Wired News, 2005) Hence, this fear has stopped 22 percent of employees from writing a corporate blog. Besides that, it will create an expectation of updating the blog regularly and the time that taken in writing a blog will cause loss of $ 759 billion in productivity every year. Additionally, a new style of communication will be mastered since corporate blogging become popular in these recent years. In conclusion, corporate blogging is getting important for corporation to deliver the message privately or publicly since it has brought many pros even thought the cons come along with it.

For the additional information, please refer those links:

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2. http://www.thenewpr.com/wiki/pmwiki.php/Resources/CEOBlogsList



E-Government in Malaysia

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E-Government is the use of IT and e-commerce to provide access to government information and delivery of public services to citizens and business partners.

There are various countries including Malaysia are implementing e-government. The implementation of e-government started since the initiation of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) in 1996 by the Malaysian government. This implementation has improved on how the government operates internally and also how it delivers services to the people of Malaysia. It seeks to improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with citizens and businesses. At the same time, it will improve information flows and processes within government to improve the speed and quality of policy development, coordination and enforcement. The implementation e-government would bring benefits to the public administration and Malaysian in several ways. It can generate savings on data collection and transmission.

The 7 projects of the Electronic Government Flagship Application:

1. Project Monitoring System (SPP II)

2. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

3. Generic Office Environment (GOE)

4. Electronic Procurement (EP)

5. Electronic Services (E-Services)

6. Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)

7. E-Syariah

Citizen’s Adoption Strategies

Generally, new technologies are forcing governments to be particularly considerate to time. In order to make right decision and avoid falling behind, governments must identify and resolve the different issues that have arisen from the transaction period during which traditional and e-government co-exist. Government should guide and control the transformation of government into e-government rather than just focusing on introduction of ICTs. Meanwhile, the use of ICT to strengthen the involvement of citizens and businesses in public decision must be progress at the same time.

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A review on a post on Legal from My E-Commerce blog

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I had reviewed a post from My E-Commerce blog. Most everyone loves music or a nice movie. Internet users will attempt to download from the Internet. They should be aware that downloading music, video, or software without paying is illegal. There are many services on the Internet which provide music and video at a reasonable cost. Some of the popular services are eMusic, Apple’s iTunes, Windows Media, Napster, and Rhapsody. But if sharing files with other people who have not paid to them or right to use them can get you in trouble whether financially or legally, or both. Many popular network TV shows are available online immediately after they air. The networks that produce the shows make the files available for free or for a small cost through one of the services mentioned above. However, the network still retains the copyright and if you distribute the file online in a form or in places not sanctioned by the network, they can sue you for infringement. In addition to most software applications and games have their own type of copy protection, generally in the form of a CD key or license key. This key is usually a series of seemingly random letters and numbers which is unique to each copy of the software. The users cannot copies or distribute the copies of this key which is illegal action.

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Things to take note to prevent e-auction fraud when a consumer participating in an e-auction

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Steps to prevent e-auction fraud

Understand as much as you can about how the internet auctions work, what your obligation are as a buyer, and what the seller’s obligations are before you bid.

Watch out for “Advance-fee demand” – you need to look carefully at any seller of goods or services who wants you to send checks or money orders immediately to a post office box, before you receive the goods or services.

– Find out what actions the websites takes if a problem occurs and consider insuring the transaction and shipment.

Do not simply disclose your personal data – if you see e-mail messages from someone you do not know that ask you for personal data for examples, credit card number, account number, or password, do not just send the data without knowing more about who is asking.

– Review the feedback rating for the seller, and use common sense; if the seller has a history of negative feedback, then the participants do not bid with the particular seller.

Must ask the seller when delivery can be expected if not specified in the listing, and about warranty, exchange or return of merchandise you find unsatisfactory.

To avoid unexpected cost, you must read the information in the listing about shipping and handling fees carefully. If not specified, you may want to clarify before you start bidding.

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Mobile Payment systems in Malaysia: Its potentials & Consumers’ Adoption Strategy

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Mobile Payment & Premium Billing

Mobile payments (also known as mobile web payments or WAP billing) is a collection of money from consumer via a mobile device such as their mobile phone, Smartphone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or any other devices. With such application, it does brings advantages to the world of e-commerce and it’s relatively growing in Malaysia as well. Some of examples of mobile payments available in Malaysia are mobileExec and Mobile Money. To read more about Mobile Money, click on this link.

Both are using the concept of making payment transactions just through a mobile device to pay for goods and services anytime without having cash on hand, cheques or even physically present a store.

Besides MobileExec and Mobile Money, many other companies are also coming up with this concept to cater for their customers convenience. For example, Maxis; HGL Capital Berhad; CELCOM and many more. Maxis unveils mobile payment services news can be viewed here.

Mobile payments services indeed have a great potential and advantage. Consumers are more comfortable with low-value transactions over such non-traditional means. Common applications will include payment for transportation, parking, restaurants, convenience stores, retail outlets, e-tickets to name a few – typically for low-value items. This helps especially when consumers are in need of cash but doesn’t have any in hand, therefore with mobile payments they do not need to even search for an ATM machine to withdraw the needed money for the payment.

For a further knowledge, you can view a video on the right corner at the E-Commerce Videos section on E-Payment Benefits to Owners and Managers.

The application of pre-paid cash card for consumers

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Nowadays, people can limit their spending with their prepaid cash card that load funds onto the card and use the money. Obopay, one of the prepaid cash cards that are similar as debit cards because both are using existing money rather than borrowing. However, personal identification number has to be keyed in for the transaction to be authorized if using prepaid cash cards. It is considered as most secure and safe financial transaction card because can it likes a portable access point to checking account. Nevertheless, it could not use for online shopping and in “quick pay” terminals that have a card reader but no keypad to enter a personal identification number.

Pre-paid Vista Cash Card is issued by Four Oaks Bank & Trust Company that given the opportunity for consumers with poor credit record and young children by not spending

more than the balance on the card. Visa permits travelers access to money at automated teller machines in 65 countries and book the train tickets by offering prepaid cash card such as Metro Card in New York City.

Touch ‘n Go (TnG) smart card is used by Malaysian for electronic payment system to toll expressway and highway. It is expanding its business to retail purchase by starting with fast food industry that enables consumers to buy dough nut, burger or fast-food from 21 outlets such as Burger King, 7-Eleven, Dunkin’ Donut. It is imitating the success of Hong Kong’s Octopus Card by setting 5 to 10% of the card holders for retail purchase as current target of the company.

Octopus Card was launched in Hong Kong on year 1997, September. It is a rechargeable contactless stored value smart card to transfer electronic payments in online in offline system. It is widely used in payment system for transportation, supermarkets, fast food restaurant, car parks and other pint of sale application such as service station s and vending machines that have achieved good outcomes.

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