Success story of eBay & its causes

eBayeBay is one of the success example for e-commerce and also a well-known website for everyone. It has around 13 years of history. eBay has a strong vision–eBay is a company that’s in the business of connecting people, not selling them things.

eBay has built an online person-to-person trading community on Internet, using the World Wide Web. Buyers and sellers are brought together in a manner where sellers are permitted to list items for sale and the buyers are allowed to bid on the items which they are interested on. All eBay users can browse through listed items in a fully automated way. The items are arranged by topics, where each type of auction has its own category. They are having both streamlined and globalised traditional person-to-person trading. Their facilities are easy for the buyers to explore and enables the sellers list an item for sale immediately within minutes of registering. The binding contract of the auction is between the winning bidder and the seller only.

Causes of success

According to the interview with the spokesperson of eBay, Kevin Pursglove, he thinks that people really enjoy the experience of the shopping bazaar. He also thinks that the buyers are enjoying the hunt and the competition of the bidding process. Everybody likes to get a bargain and they would like to negotiate a little bit over the price. Their auction format allows users to do so.

Besides that, the great majority of people who are selling on eBay are really warm, decent, trustworthy and honest people. Therefore, a lot of people would like to do transactions at eBay. Other than that, eBay might be the first example where a commerce site has actually been built around a society where people exchanging information and also goods, services and merchandise.

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