A review on a post on Internet Security from My E-Commerce blog

Internet Security

I had reviewed from Internet Security Threats – Its changing faces (part 2) from My E-Commerce blog. In my opinion, that has many latest internet security threats to attack users of computers. Not only the threat which post on the blog that I had reviewed. One of the internet security threats is Trojan.The Trojans can escape from conventional protective anti-virus software and firewalls.

A number of open source and modified Trojans, altered to avoid anti-virus detection, have been used. Or, the e-mails are sent to specific or targeted recipients. Unlike ”phishing” attacks, the e-mails use subject lines often referring to work or other subjects that the recipient would find relevant. The e-mails containing the dangerous attachments, or links to web sites hosting Trojan files are spoofed, making it appear to come from a colleague or reliable party. When opened, the file or link installs the Trojan which can be configured to transmit information to a remote attacker using ports assigned to a common service. Not only this, attackers improve their hacking skills can make money. Attackers have realized that they can sell credit card numbers, bank account information, username and passwords and get paid for helping enable click fraud and sending spam. Now, attackers becoming more skilled and specialized.

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Besides, preventions which suggest on My E-Commerce post.There still have much prevention. For example, you must make sure that your computers are up-to-date with security software updates; make sure you have installed, and are using the latest version of anti-virus software; keep your operating system and Microsoft Office software up-to-date; be suspicious of email messages and other electronic communications from sources you do not know or recognize; or do not ever open email attachment from unknown sources.

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