A review on a post e-tailing from My E-Commerce blog

I had reviewed one of the posts from My E-Commerce blog that is using Touch’n Go to buy fast food. Touch’n Go is a smart card used by Malaysian toll expressway and highway operators as the sole electronic payment system. But now, Touch’n Go can use in




CALTEX Star MARTCaltex Star Mart



Cathay Cineleisure Cathy Cineleisure

With this one card for all, for example, toll, parking, public transport and theme park. In my opinion, this is more efficient towards customers. Customers no need to prepare for exact change when buying something or sometimes they will forget to prepare enough money to buy something that exceeds their budget. One of the benefits to use Touch’n Go in fast food restaurant, convenience stores, hypermarkets and cinemas is no need to wait for attendant to give you the small change especially for some of the customers who not patient. Touch’n Go is easy, fast and convenience to customers, they can touch on the screen and then go after they buy foods. This is a very good ideas to implement Touch’n Go in fast food restaurant particularly in the pick hour time. In hypermarket, consumers no need to queue up so long when some of the counters did not open; the consumers can just use the Touch’n Go to make payment. Touch’n Go can easily reload at anywhere and anytime, for example, they also can reload at Maybank.

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~ by chocolate1234 on June 23, 2008.

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