A review on a post on Legal from My E-Commerce blog

I had reviewed a post from My E-Commerce blog. Most everyone loves music or a nice movie. Internet users will attempt to download from the Internet. They should be aware that downloading music, video, or software without paying is illegal. There are many services on the Internet which provide music and video at a reasonable cost. Some of the popular services are eMusic, Apple’s iTunes, Windows Media, Napster, and Rhapsody. But if sharing files with other people who have not paid to them or right to use them can get you in trouble whether financially or legally, or both. Many popular network TV shows are available online immediately after they air. The networks that produce the shows make the files available for free or for a small cost through one of the services mentioned above. However, the network still retains the copyright and if you distribute the file online in a form or in places not sanctioned by the network, they can sue you for infringement. In addition to most software applications and games have their own type of copy protection, generally in the form of a CD key or license key. This key is usually a series of seemingly random letters and numbers which is unique to each copy of the software. The users cannot copies or distribute the copies of this key which is illegal action.

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~ by chocolate1234 on June 29, 2008.

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