About Chin Choon



Hi! My name is Lau Chin Choon. I’m from Kuala Terengganu, which is pretty far from K.L. I like listening to songs while doing tutorials and feeling unhappy. Besides that, sometimes I would also watch some tv programmes online at www.ntv7.com.my or shows at www.youtube.com.

I seldom join outdoor activities, thus I surf the Internet most of my spare time. Firstly, I would go to my mailboxes to check mails at www.hotmail.com or www.yahoo.com. Normally, most of them would be forwarded mails from my friends.

Besides that, I also visit http://tobamates.blogspot.com to read on the posts there. This blog is managed by a few of my secondary schoolmates, whereby most of them are studying in overseas now. The blog site would update me about their current life as we hardly contact one another now.

Sin Chew Daily is a chinese online newspaper site that I normally go to update myself on current news of our country as well as worldwide. For a switch of language and to improve my language, I would go to The Star for news in English. I also log on to Friendster often to get connected with my friends.

Other than all that, I would use the Internet for assignment purposes through search engines like Yahoo! and Google. Besides just information of studies and assignments, I can also search on a whole lots of other information needed. I also use the net for blogging once a while on my MSN space account.


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