About Pooi Wen



Kit Pooi Wen is from Kuala Lumpur. She loves reading and watching television programmes at leisure. Besides that, she enjoys reading too, after having stuck in academic books for a long period of time. One of her favourite quotations is:

Ideas must work through brains and arms of men, or they are no better than their dreams.

~by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882).

She loves watching comedies among all genres. One of her favourites is ‘Ugly Betty’ (the U.S. version). She usually watches it from www.youtube.com., especially when she is staying at her residential area nearby the university. She is attracted to Betty (the main character) of her confidence and positive attributes in any circumstances faced.

She also surfs the following websites for reasons:-

  • www.hotmail.com – She uses hotmail for her main mailbox, whereby she keeps in touch with family and friends.
  • www.google.com – One of the famous search engines that she uses often to finish up her assignments.
  • www.businessweek.com – Her main choice of website to gain knowledge about management and economy, also informations found can be sometimes used as references for academic purposes.
  • http://wble.utar.edu.my –  This is an e-learning website that UTAR provides for students. Lecture notes, tutorial questions and updates would be posted up in the website for each respective subject, hence it is made easy for students to get the information as soon as possible, with just few clicks away.
  • www.neopet.com – An online game site which she goes to to release stress.
  • www.friendster.com – A friendship network site which allows her to keep in touch with friends.

With the many advances of technology nowadays, Pooi Wen agrees that if without them, the world would not be able to move into an innovative and advancement in any areas of life.


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