About Ching Mun


Loke Ching Mun (Janice) was born in the town of Ipoh, in 1987. She pursues her primary and secondary studies in Ipoh. She came to Kuala Lumpur for her tertiary education in 2005. Currently, she is a final year student for Bachelor Degree of Commerce (Hons) Accounting in University Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Her favourite pastime are reading, listening to songs and writing. She plays the piano and guitar too, when she is free. She also surfs the Internet for leisure and academic purposes. The most top five websites she usually visits are as follows, and why:

  • www.thestar.com.my – to know about current news, nation and worldwide.
  • www.kimong.com – a famous blogger with inspiring stories of her own.
  • www.fortune.come – able to acquire news on business, investments and other current issues in the business world.
  • www.goodnightstories.com/stories.htm – a website of short good night stories, range for children to young adults. An entertaining site for Janice to relax and have some short story-reading time when she feel likes it.
  • http://christiandownloads.cjb.net – a Christian website with many sources of songs, sermons, video clips, and other downloadable stuff.
Besides surfing the net, she also use it for her own personal blogging purposes. When it comes to academic wise, she uses the Internet to search for resources and as a place of added knowledge for her studies. Internet, now being the most common and easy communication tool, helps her to keep in touch with her family and friends through e-mail and also on MSN.

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